Update 1.2 and end of online servers

Distant Dials is now available in 1.2 version!

This version provides some bug and trad fixes as well as a better code formatting and file organization.

The main feature introduced is an offline mode allowing to play a truncated (shorter and less difficult) version of the game without a server.

This update is of course free and from now on the game itself will be at a cheaper price on both Steam (0,99$) and (1$).

For those who want to host their own server to play online, you can find the source files of the game as well as some instructions on FramaGit.

With this update, the game is as complete as it can get and I’m focusing on my next project (a Godot framework to make multiplayer text-based RPGs).

See ya!


Patch v1.10 Live

Distant Dials received an update today fixing:

  • some french translation bugs,
  • an audio crash regarding one track,
  • part of an empty buttons bug,
  • some texts minor changes,
  • Dials charts percentage.


Distant Dials on Steam!

It’s been a week, but Distant Dials is available on Steam since July 1st!

Checkout the steam page:

Distant Dials is also listed on’s top Steam games to tryout in July, thanks to Joyce Ross!


Distant Dials is out now !

As the title says, Distant Dials is officially out !

Go to the download page to find out where to get the game.


Distant Dials release date !

Hi everyone! Distant Dials will be release on on June 21th 2021.

It will be available for GNU/Linux-Windows-MacOS.

Here is the official teaser of the game :

Meanwhile you can listen to Distant Dials’s OST on our media page or use our avatar generator to create your own Distant Dials avatar.


Second Beta Test

We are going to start a second testing period, where you are invited to come and try it and give us your feedback: it will be from January 18 to 24, 2021.
Contrary to the first session, there is no longer a time limit, because we can now start the game alone if too few people are online.
This beta is the opportunity to collect your opinions and feedback on Distant Dials! To do so, a pad is available for filling in :

To get the game it’s here : the beta is done.

For those who did not participate in the first session, here is the introductory text below:
“One day of the solar year 2875, you wake up from your third sleep cycle to find your house plunged into darkness. The Maker, your personal central computer, does not give you the usual local and external news. It does not inform you about your daily schedule either. The neural implant is, for the first time in your life, silent.
You follow the emergency light to the nearest terminal.the Maker still works, but it only shows an outdated 2D emergency interface.
What’s going on?”
A game of Distant Dials lasts less than 5min and the game is entirely in English.


Begining Public Test

Welcome everybody, we are finally starting our first public test, please download and give us feedback !

The test will be running between Monday 8th and Sunday 14th June 2020.
Each day we will be playing from 6 pm to 7 pm (french time).