Distant Dials is an open source MUSH (multi-user shared hallucination) video game


Distant Dials is published both under
the Free Art Licence 1.3
and Creative Commons by-sa 4.0


Idea, Code, Scenario, Sound Design, Music

Nomys_Tempar, nomystempar.fr

Illustration, Interface Design and Integration

Nylnook, nylnook.art

Game Engine

Distant Dials is made with Godot game engine 3.2

Special thanks to
mj-meo-dmt, gregag, bojidar_bg, talupoeg, TheDuriel, LinuxUserGD
and everyone from godot engine community IRC/Discord/github.

Additional Music

  • Peace Love & Cueillette by Bololipsum
    Free Art Licence 1.3
  • Marquéthique by Horla
    CC BY 3.0
  • E by Meme
    CC BY SA 2.0
  • Un pré, un atelier des amis by misere&cordes
    Free Art Licence 1.3
  • Outer space’s mystery by Why The A
    Free Art Licence 1.3
  • Snapchat Au Harem [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] by Plagiat
    Free Art Licence 1.3
  • Satya Severa by Sinestesia
    CC BY 3.0
  • What lies in the dark by Soft and Furious
    CC 0
  • Funkerie by Stöht
    CC 0

Additional Sound Effects by

snapper4298, samuelgremaud, bedeen, dheming, hitrison, splicesound, azumarill, dheming, inspectorj, mrh4hn, samantha-dolman, luftrum, egolessdub, 13f-panska-petruzelova-anna, qubodup, bedeen, splicesound, jorickhoofd.


Julien Markarian, Orl, Keziah, Léo Marius, Aisyk

Thanks to

Alolise (alolise.org) , Khaganat (khaganat.net) and Deed, Musique Libre ! (dogmazic.net), Pauline.