What is a MUSH ?

A MUSH is a derivated type of game from MUDs. MUDs were multiplayers RPG in text mode back in the 90’s. MUSH allows players to create the world they explore. Players added themselves new rooms, items and environment to the game for other players to see and use.

In Distant Dials you have to wrote text freely to move on, only a few answers are “good” for some parts of the game. Otherwise, the game is created for player’s interactions. So it’s a MUSH of some sort…

Distant Dials is under Libre Art License and CC-By-Sa 4.0 License, what does it mean ?

It means anyone can use this game code, visual and sound assets (except alternative tracks, they have they’re own licences) and, writings to do something else with it.
The only thing you have to do is state our names as original authors and keep the same licenses in your product.

Sources are available here.

What kind of software was used to build Distant Dials ?

Code : Godot Engine and Gdscript
Graphics : Krita
Audio : Ardour, Hydrogen